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Prospect Memorial Funeral Home is family owned and operated. The staff and owners are your neighbors and treat you like family. Our Funeral Directors each bring their unique qualifications and specialties which culminate in a truly individualized, unique and compassionate funeral care with commitment to every detail from first call to bereavement care. 

Prospect Memorial Funeral Home opened its door April 15, 2013 with a mission to serve the families of Prospect, Waterbury and surrounding towns with compassionate, individualized funeral care before, during and long after the time of death. Each staff member is dedicated to ensuring every detail of the service is done to client specifications. Our logo, the Tree of Life, symbolizes our commitment to not only the deceased but also the family and future generations. Our facility is large, open and ‘homey”, decorated in the colors of nature. As a new funeral home, Prospect Memorial has established a reputation for excellence, integrity and personalized service. Feel free to call us for a tour or appointment.



Help stop the Corona Virus

  1. HANDS Wash them often
  2. ELBOW Cough into it
  3. FACE Don't touch it
  4. FEET Stay more than 6ft apart
  5. FEL sick? Stay home

The Palmerie family of Prospect Memorial Funeral Home and our entire staff wish you all good health and stamina in the days ahead battling the COVID 19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected many local businesses, ours included. Funeral services can still be had.

We encourage our grieving families to have private or family only funeral services. It is our hope to provide limited webstreaming for those unable to attend service and are currently working on implementing that capability.

Grieving the death of your loved one during these dangerous days of the pandemic is unthinkable. We will do our very best to assist you in having your meaningful private service now and pledge to be ready to assist you in a Celebration of Life service at a time in future when the pandemic is eradicated. We can get though this together. As a nurse and a funeral director I will always prioritize your best interests, health and safety . You are first and foremost. Always. The situation changes daily, sometimes hourly, if you have any questions of concerns feel free to call us anytime.  

Many churches are not allowing funeral services within their buildings. Services can be celebrated in our chapel and parlor. If you are apprehensive about leaving your home. Prospect Memorial Funeral Directors will assist you via fax or email or even a home visit to you if that is desirable.

If you are concerned about attending a funeral for someone who died of Corona, don’t worry it is safe to do so. However, the CDC does recommend refraining from touching the deceased. Yes, an individual with Corona Virus can be cremated or embalmed. Our funeral professionals have been educated on all precautions regarding dealing with this virus. 

As always, Prospect Memorial Funeral cleans and sanitizes our facility. As you know, as an RN and Funeral Director, long before the onset of Corona Virus, I have instructed families on frequent use of sanitizer while in the receiving line, eating well and maintaining adequate hydration and rest. Grief is a stressor to your health, please always maintain good health practices regardless of any environmental health concerns.

What does the Palmerie family and Prospect Memorial Funeral Home want you to know?

We are open to serve you, are knowledgeable and proactive, will always have your very best interest as our primary concern. We are monitoring the situation and are making changes and policies as needed. Please stay safe and healthy. Please call us at any time, we are always here for you.


Thank you to all Medical Personnel, First Responders and essential employees in any capacity. Your work is truly appreciated.


  1. Call your elderly family, neighbors, and friends to see if they need anything from the store,
  2. Check in with each other, by phone, text, email, video chat. We can all get through this together.
  3. Consider donating blood, food, money, time if you are in a position to do so.
  4. Wash your hands, stay home if unwell, and maintain safe distance from each other. 
  5. Eat Well, exercise, hydrate and rest.

MOST OF ALL: Take care of yourself and your family physically, spiritually and emotionally. We will get through this time together. Quarantine is not emotional isolation, only physical.

Best Regards and Stay Well,

Kim Palmerie RN, LEFD

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